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Pay For Performance

-- JebBrown - 04 Nov 2006

Pay For Performance is an exciting concept in healthcare. For behavioral healthcare, it implies that a practitioner may earn more by achieving better outcomes. For now its much more of a hope than a reality, though there are signs of hope.

The reality of TherapistEffects means that clinicians differ in their outcomes and the value of their services. From the point of view of a health plan, employer or other payer, some clinicians have more value than others. Identification and referral to highly effective clinicians results better outcomes for patients and greater payback to the health plan and employer in the form of improved productivity and reduced medical costs.

The PacifiCare Behavioral Health Honors for Outcomes program is was a step in the right direction, as was their Lambert Award, which included a $1000 cash award.

I'm interested if COMMONS users know of other examples of pay for performance in behavioral healthcare.


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