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Humana.png Feedback Informed Treatment Initiative

Welcome to the Humana Feedback Informed Treatment web page.

The Humana Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) initiative is intended to permit practices that employ the SAMHSA recognized evidenced based practice. FIT has been shown to result in significantly improved outcomes. This practice-based evidence allows providers to demonstrate the value of their services to employers, payers, and other stake holders.

Humana is a supporter of ACORN, A Collaborative Outcomes Resource Network which is comprised of mental health and substance abuse providers, health plans and other payers, and researchers within various academic institutions as well as various other organizations with internal research and analytics capabilities. The ACORN Decision Support Toolkit is a web based application designed by the ACORN collaborators to assist clinicians and administrators measure and improve treatment outcomes. Ongoing research by the ACORN collaborators validates a strong correlation between Toolkit usage by clinicians and improved outcomes from one year to the next.

Outcomes are measured using brief, reliable and valid patient completed questionnaires designed specifically to be sensitive measures of session to session change over time in treatment. The clinician is able to view the results of completed questionnaires in a graphed visual format for each patient, so that improvement from session to session is apparent, and patients at risk for early dropout with poor outcomes are readily identified.

Most practices currently participating achieve results comparable or better than found in well conducted psychotherapy studies (effect size of .8 or larger) with well under 10% of patients significantly worse at the end of treatment. Currently, the average effect size for patients treated at participating practices is .92, with only 4% significantly worse at the end of treatment.

These are outstanding results. Employers and other referral sources are eager to know which practices have these kinds of results. However, most of these practices have been involved in the pilot for well over a year.

It may take a practice a couple of years to achieve these results. Practices joining the initiative tend initially to have more modest results, with an effect size of between .6 and .7, with approximately 10% significantly worse at the end of treatment. Typically, a practice participating in the Humana program can expect to increase their effect size by 25% to 40% over the first two years of participating, with a 50% decrease in the patients significantly worse at the end of treatment. This estimate is based on historical results for other practices using the ACORN Decision Support Toolkit. Result vary, and are largely dependent on how consistently clinicians use the questionnaires and how frequently the use the Toolkit to receive feedback.

If your practice already achieves great results and has the data to demonstrate this, congratulations! Please share you results with Humana. If you do not have evidence from your practice that you can achieve these results, then Humana is eager to support you in demonstrating your effectiveness. Humana customers, such as large employers in your area, are demanding this kind of evidence.

The links on this page provide information to support clinicians participating in Humana 's outcomes initiative. One of the goals of this initiative is to assist clinicians in marketing their services and attracting referrals based on having solid evidence of very good treatment outcomes. Another goal is to provide clinicians with the tools to measurably improvement outcomes, thereby demonstrating their ability to compete in a world that demands evidence of continuous quality improvement and more value for the healthcare dollar.

Tools for understanding your outcome data

Training Videos for use of ACORN outcomes questionnaires (Vignettes)

Outcome Questionnaires

Evolution of Psychotherapy..An Oxymoron?

Frequently asked questions

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