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Topic Summary Modified by On
Target Final Score HelpTopic Explain the Target Final Score BaseUserMapping_999 16 Sep
Alliance Scale HelpTopic Alliance Scale items JonnyMaloney 28 Aug
Signal Score HelpTopic Indication of when a patient's most recent score on the outcome questionnaire indicates significantly less change than expected JebBrown 12 Dec
Symptoms Sub Scale HelpTopic Symptoms sub scale item content JebBrown 09 Dec
Functioning Sub Scale HelpTopic Functioning subscale item content JebBrown 09 Dec
Social Sub Scale HelpTopic Social subscale items JebBrown 09 Dec
Substance Abuse Sub Scale HelpTopic Substance Abuse item content JoanneCameron 23 Nov
Clinical Cutoff Score HelpTopic A score that is presumed to represent the boundary between "normal" and the "clinical range" on an outcome measure. JebBrown 19 Nov
Projected Effect Size HelpTopic JebBrown 07 Feb
Therapist Effects HelpTopic What are therapist effects? JebBrown 14 Dec
Predicted Scores HelpTopic Explained predicted scores JebBrown 13 Jun
Problem Severity Index HelpTopic Defines the PSI score JebBrown 23 May

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