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The Pain sub scale is comprised of items inquiring about the frequency and/or intensity of pain. Pain items in general correlate with the GlobaleDistressScale, but when working with clients suffering from chronic pain it is useful to track pain symptoms separately, particularly if these are a focus of treatment.

Many of the pain items currently in use ask patients to rate pain on a 10 point Likert scale. In order to graph pain on the 0-4 scale used by most of the ACORN items, the pain item scores are converted to a 0-4 scale as part of the scoring algorithm. For example, the following items ask clients to rate pain on a 10 point scale, from No Pain to Worst Pain imaginable. The results reported in the Toolkit will range from 0 (No pain) to 4 (Worst pain imaginable).

  • Please rate your pain at it's worst in the past 2 weeks.
  • How would you rate your pain RIGHT NOW?
  • How would you rate your BEST level of pain during the last week?
  • how would you rate your USUAL level of pain during the last week?
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