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The Rcope (Religious Coping) sub scale is comprised of two items drawn from the Brief Religious Coping questionnaire (Brief Rcope) developed by Ken Pargament, Ph.D. Two items were selected based on their strong correlation to the GlobalDistressFactor. Further field testing of these items in large samples of clients seen at faith based treatment centers found that these items also correlated highly with improvement in therapy.

The Rcope subscale score is only calculated for client who indicated a believe in a higher power often or very often. Following are the relevant items:

Looking back at the last two weeks, how often did you
  • ...believe in God or a Higher Power?
  • ...wonder what you did for God to punish you?
  • ...wonder whether God had abandoned you?
Any response other than Never on the later two items are indicative of spiritual concerns. Clients indicating they they feel punished or abandoned tend to have significantly worse outcomes in therapy.
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